Past Department Offerings

Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

The Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics is unique, with vibrant academic programs and cutting-edge research spanning from applied physics, to applied mathematics, to materials science and engineering, and to medical physics. These efforts highlight our Department, as do the many interconnections between them. Modeling ways to predict weather. Decoding the mathematics of cancer. Testing sophisticated solutions for developing nanoscale devices. Pioneering fusion energy. Those are just some of the extraordinary advances made in our Department.

Biomedical Engineering

In the Department of Biomedical Engineering, we make significant contributions in science and medicine that include new medical devices, biomaterials, clinical methods, and insight into how living organisms function. Our faculty are known for both their contributions to science and their shared passion for teaching and inspiring students to explore new ways to treat disease and keep people healthy.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field concerned with materials and processes at the heart of a broad range of technologies. Practicing chemical engineers are the experts in charge of the development and production of diverse products in traditional chemical industries as well as many emerging new technologies. The chemical engineer guides the passage of the product from the laboratory to the marketplace, from ideas and prototypes to functioning articles and processes, from theory to reality. This requires a remarkable depth and breadth of understanding of physical and chemical aspects of materials and their production.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

The Department emphasizes a collaborative, hands-on approach to education, combining research and real-world application in a multidisciplinary program of study. Our goal is to educate and inspire students to become problem solvers and leaders in engineering, technology, computer science, and related disciplines.

Computer Science

Computer science is now integral to almost every field of study, from engineering and the natural and social sciences, to economics and business, and increasingly to the heavily text-based fields of literature and history. The trend is irreversible, driven by more powerful computers, larger data sets, the conversion of text and imagery into data, and better, more optimized algorithms. The Department of Computer Science is dedicated to making computer science accessible to the wider student population.

Earth and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering (EEE) is a small, diverse, and outwardly facing team actively researching and developing solutions to these complex and multidisciplinary problems. EEE reconciles a deep concern for the environment with the needs of a global industrialized society. Through conscientious stewardship of our finite natural resources: minerals, energy, water, air and land, EEE pioneers crucial new environmental initiatives.

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering department is among the oldest in the United States and has a storied history including being at the foundation of modern radio communications, control engineering, and multimedia coding. And, every day we are hard at work pushing new frontiers in Electrical Engineering with innovative teaching and state-of- the-art research.


Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

The department is the home to five disciplines: management science and engineering, financial engineering, business analytics, operations research, and industrial engineering. We produce prominent research in areas like logistics, supply chain management, network algorithms, revenue management, and more. Operations Research uses mathematical models to improve decision making in complex environments. Our faculty members are widely recognized for their contributions to the foundations of the discipline and lead cutting-edge research in healthcare operations, financial engineering, supply chain management, and market design.

Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering works to advance practical solutions that improve health, safety, and quality of life. Join us as we address the most important needs of society through rich and versatile discovery and scholarship. The department is home to such diverse research activities as biomechanics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, control and robotics, manufacturing, energy systems, MEMS, and nanotechnology. Our faculty members have distinguished themselves internationally through a wide-ranging array of groundbreaking research areas and activities, including: robotics, smart machines, nanomaterials, morphogenesis and tissue development, and sustainable systems.