Technoeconomic analysis of electrolysis technologies

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This project will focus on the development of technical and technoeconomic models for the production of renewable fuels using electrochemical reactors called electrolyzers. Of particular interest to this project is consideration of electrolyzers that operate under variable operating conditions that follow from the intermittent and variable nature of renewable electricity generators like solar photovoltaics and wind. This project will be primarily computational in nature, but may also involve some experimental efforts. Research will involve the use and development of engineering models and technoeconomic modeling tools to assess electrolyzer performance and to optimize operating conditions to minimize the cost of fuels production. This project will require previous experience with programming, statistical analysis, and electrochemical technologies.

Lab: Solar Fuels Engineering Lab

Direct Supervisor: Michael Ginsberg

Position dates: 5/3/2021 - 7/9/2021

Hours per Week: 40 

Qualifications: programming, statistical analysis, and electrochemical technologies.

Eligibility: Senior; SEAS only


Daniel Esposito, [email protected]