Evaluating 5G mmWave Outdoors-to-Indoors

5G-and-beyond networks will utilize data transmissions at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies to improve data throughput and wireless spectrum utilization. Recently, there is interest in utilizing mmWave frequencies for fixed wireless access (FWA), which can provide Internet connectivity to buildings which do not currently have good service. FWA requires a much lower infrastructure investment than running fiber optic or copper cables into a premise, which remains by far the predominant method of providing Internet access to a building today.  
In collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs, we evaluate mmWave FWA at outdoor and indoor locations within the Columbia campus (and potentially at NYC public schools) using a 28 GHz mmWave channel sounder. The equipment consists of a receiver and transmitter. The receiver can record the received power in every direction of the 28 GHz signal transmitted by the transmitter. Students working on this project will be responsible for extensive data collection and analysis. The results can guide the design and deployment of next generation wireless networks.

Lab: Wireless and Mobile Networking Lab

Direct Supervisor: Abhishek Adhikari

Position Dates: Spring 2022

Hours per Week: 10

Position type: On site


Qualifications: Must be able to access the Columbia Morningside Heights campus. Some background in Wireless Communications is preferred

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master's

SEAS students only: No

Abhishek Adhikari <[email protected]