Wireless control of implantable microdevices

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Students will work on an important unresolved aspect of the proposed project – the testing of novel structures of ultrasonically-actuated components. They will optimize our fabrication methods for producing small components that can be ultrasonically actuated, with a focus on hydrogel-based valve or spheroid structures. Although we have already collected some promising preliminary results on the project, this is an ambitious phase of the project for which the work would benefit greatly from a particularly talented undergraduate students. The students will visualize the motion of the implant using a Maestro in vivo imaging or a speckle imaging system. This in vivo study will help us verify the feasibility of sustained actuation of implanted hydrogel components using ultrasound sources.

Lab: Molecular and Microscale Bioengineering Laboratory (Sia Lab)

Direct Supervisor: Samuel Sia

Position Dates: 6/1/2018 - 8/15/2018

Hours per Week: 20 - 30

Paid Position: Yes

Credit: Yes

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior; SEAS only

Helene Montagna: [email protected]