Current Research Opportunities

The opportunities listed below are open to students currently enrolled in degree programs at all accredited institutions.  Please review the eligibility requirements for particular opportunities.  Note some opportunities are only open to Columbia Engineering students. 
Funding for positions is dependent upon the funding source. Please note that only opportunities listed as REUs provide funding for students from outside of Columbia University.  While students may be eligible for an opportunity, they are not guaranteed funding.  Please check with the contact in the posting.

Filled SEAS Opportunities

Membrane Coated Electrocatalysts
3D Printed Membraneless Electrochemical Devices
Low-Dimensional Electrocatalysts Based on Van der Waals Materials
3D Concrete Printing
Audio Separation Using Deep Neural Networks
Polymeric Thin-Film for Enhanced Permeability-Selectivity
Training to Walk on Stairs using Robotic Assistance
Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene
Biomolecular Nanodevices
High Temperature Creep Deformation of Ceramic and Metal Nanowires
Design and Testing of Hydrogel Gel-Based Affinity Glucose Micro and Nanosensors
CVD Graphene Growth
Analysis and Visualization of Single-Cell Gene Expression Data in Skin Differentiation
Interfacing Hybrid Computer with Digital Computer