Current Research Opportunities

The opportunities listed below are open to students currently enrolled in degree programs at all accredited institutions.  Please review the eligibility requirements for particular opportunities.  Note some opportunities are only open to Columbia Engineering students. 
Funding for positions is dependent upon the funding source. Please note that only opportunities listed as REUs provide funding for students from outside of Columbia University.  While students may be eligible for an opportunity, they are not guaranteed funding.  Please check with the contact in the posting.

Chemical Biology Tools for Protein Structure by Solid State NMR
Controlled-Atmospheric Probing of 2D Materials
Design and Control of Batteries for Grid Applications
Investigating the Mechanobiology of Organ Formation in the Developing Embryo
Isothermal Membrane Distillation for Ammonia Recovery from Source-Separated Urine
Modeling of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Using CRISPR Interference
Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering
Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering for Women's Health Challenges
Polarized Noble Gas Imaging
Probing Neurons with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits
Structure-Performance Relationships in Aqueous Na Ion Batteries
Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction for High-Salinity Desalination


  • In vitro microphysiological system for modeling Marfan Syndrome 
  • Tissue engineering of the synovium
  • Experimental and computational studies of combustion kinetics
  • Point-of-care molecular diagnostics
  • Development and Characterization of Battery Materials
  • Carbon dioxide capture and conversion to fuel
  • CO2 capture and catalytic conversion
  • Catalysis using Niobium oxide as a promoter
  • Neutron Diffraction study of nano-ceria for fast ionic conduction for better solid state fuel-battery
  • In vitro model of traumatic brain injury
  • Non-linear mechanical properties of brain
  • Developing an iPSCs model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy using CRISPRi 
  • Generating a stem cell model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy using CRISPRi
  • Hydrogen Battery
  • High speed video analysis of membraneless electrolyzers
  • Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Low-dimensional van der Waals Electrocatalysts
  • Membrane Coated Electrocatalys
  • Numerical Modeling of Air Pollution Episodes in New Delhi, India
  • Development of Therapeutic Protein Delivery Vehicles
  • Chemically enhanced weathering of silicate minerals and industrial wastes for carbon capture and storage
  • Development of Innovative CO2 Capture Materials and Their Fluidization Behaviors
  • Undergraduate Researcher
  • CRISPR/Cas9-mediated PARP1 disruption to sensitize BRCA1 mutated breast cancer cells in response to chemotherapy
  • Economic modeling of traffic accidents
  • Articular cartilage delamination wear and a novel treatment strategy to delay osteoarthritis progression
  • Niobouim oxide as a promoter for catalytic pollution abatement
  • Carbon dioxide capture and the conversion to fuel
  • Adhesive solutions for rotator cuff repair
  • High-speed 3D microscopy: applications and image analysis
  • Femtosecond Laser Corneal Treatment
  • 2D Material Synthesis
  • Electromechanical Actuators Using Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials
  • Experimental and Behavioral Economics Research
  • Building and replicating microscope systems
  • Modeling of blood flow changes from 3D data
  • Classification of Multiple Sclerosis disease state and biomarker identification from brain metabolite concentrations acquired from 1H-MRS at 7T
  • Sustainable Nutrient Recycling: Development of Decentralized Technologies for High-Yield Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery from Source-Separated Urine
  • Novel technologies for sustainable water production
  • Sustainable Nutrient Recycling: Development of Decentralized Technologies for High-Yield Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery from Source-Separated Urine
  • Verilog Design of Media Compression Modules
  • Shoulder Biomechanics - 2
  • MRI of Multiphase Granular Flows
  • Wireless control of implantable microdevices
  • Designing Nanoparticle Based Polymer Membranes
  • Detecting Hate Speech in online Media
  • Engineering matrix for guiding stem cell differentiation
  • Guiding Stem Cell Differentiation
  • Single molecule studies of biomolecular adsorption processes
  • Brain-state dependent population neural coding
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Research
  • Wireless implantable devices
  • Smartphone-assisted blood tests
  • Point-of-care blood tests
  • Shoulder Biomechanics
  • Robotics for Human Movement Augmentation and Training
  • Data-Driven Complex Travel Behavior Modeling Using Didi Chuxing Data
  • Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Tailoring the Rheological Behavior of 3-D Printing Concrete
  • Carbon dioxide capture and the conversion to fuel
  • Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Research Experience for Under…
  • Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis - 3
  • Visual-tactile geometric reasoning
  • Digital circuit design for robot assembler
  • Resilient Structures: Fire Effects on Suspension Bridge Main Cables
  • Open Source Ultrasound
  • Investigating Nonlinear Wave Coupling
  • Measuring and Controlling Magnetized Plasma
  • Multi Scale Informatics code research
  • Engineering novel bacteria circuitry
  • Nano-oxide synthesis for Emerging Engineering Applications
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Research
  • Network VR
  • Mechanism of neurotransmitter release in the brain
  • Exploring the Electronic Properties of Two Dimensional Materials
  • Undergraduate Israel Fellowship
  • Interface circuits for piezoelectric devices
  • Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimiza…
  • Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimiza…
  • Robot Simulator in CUDA/C++
  • Membrane Coated Electrocatalysts
  • 3D Printed Membraneless Electrochemical Devices
  • Low-Dimensional Electrocatalysts Based on Van der Waals Materials
  • 3D Concrete Printing
  • Audio Separation Using Deep Neural Networks
  • Polymeric Thin-Film for Enhanced Permeability-Selectivity
  • Training to Walk on Stairs using Robotic Assistance
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene
  • Biomolecular Nanodevices
  • High Temperature Creep Deformation of Ceramic and Metal Nanowires
  • Design and Testing of Hydrogel Gel-Based Affinity Glucose Micro and Nanosensors
  • CVD Graphene Growth
  • Analysis and Visualization of Single-Cell Gene Expression Data in Skin Differentiation
  • Interfacing Hybrid Computer with Digital Computer
  • Mechanisms of Force Generation During Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Investigating Nonlinear Wave Coupling
  • Bone Mechanobiology
  • Online Optimization for Management Science Applications
  • urOvol: Medical Device for Fluid Monitoring
  • Full-Duplex Wireless
  • Integrated Nanophotonic Circuits for Optical Modulators and Switches
  • Silicon Photonic SDN Controller
  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Finite Element Models of Pregnancy
  • Senior Lab Assistant - Carleton Laboratory
  • Lab Assistant - Carleton Laboratory
  • Upper Body Support for Wheelchair Users
  • Measuring and Controlling Magnetized Plasma
  • Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  • Impurity Tolerant Membranes
  • Low-Temperature Heat Utilization with Membrane-Based Technology
  • Modeling Molecular Packing in Drug Formulation Excipients
  • Impact of Radiofrequency Ablation Geometry on Electrical Conduction
  • Optical Spectroscopy of Solids
  • Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Low Resource Languages
  • Personalized Anti-cancer Medicine Targeting via Machine Learning
  • Networking Research
  • (BNL) A Multi-Axes Motion Controller System for Multi-Stage Spherical Backscatter Detector
  • (BNL) A Motion Control Test and Integration System Using EtherCAT Based Drives and Power PMAC
  • (BNL) Deterministic Ethernet Accelerator Type Timing Systems on a Standalone FPGA
  • (BNL) Protoyping and Measurement of User Interface and Display Manager Conversion Tools
  • (BNL) Plotting and Visualization Using Matplotlib
  • (BNL) Testing Infrastructure and SQA/Devops
  • (BNL) Data Metrics and Mining
  • (BNL) Develop an EPICS Aware Vibration and Alarming Monitoring Station
  • Community Impact’s George Van Amson Fellowship
  • Spatial Patterning of Bacterial Colonies
  • Hybrid Computing ELEN
  • Hybrid Computing APAM