Current Research Opportunities

Chemical Engineering

B. O’Shaughnessy and M. Simunovic | Future-proof strategies in preventing SARS-CoV-2 virus entry

Dan Steingart | Battery Design & Analysis (new)

Civil Engineering

Shiho Kawashima Sustainable construction materials with integrated upcycling of waste materials and carbon sequestration |  Mechanical characterization of 3D printed concrete (new for Fall 2020)

Sharon Di | Waymo & Lyft Driverless Car Data Analysis and Driving Modeling (new for Fall 2020)

Computer Science

Steve Feiner | FastBall | CURVE (Collaborative URban Visualization Environment)

Shih-Fu Chang | COVID-19 Symptom Tracking App on Android

Luis Gravano | Adaptive Information Extraction from Social Media for Actionable Inferences in Public Health (new for Fall 2020)

Vishal Misra | Analyzing COVID-19 data using the Synthetic Control methodology

Henning Schulzrinne | Privacy for the Internet of ThingsSpeech intelligibility for First RespondersCOVID-19 on the internet: traffic and stay-at-home orders (new for Fall 2020)

Shuran Song | Active scene understanding 

Electrical Engineering

Zoran Kostic | COSMOS Smart Intersections, Cloud-Connected Vehicles - Applications of Deep Learning | Peripheral Edema Phenotyping Using Artificial Intelligence

Ken Shepard | Summer 2020 Research Positions in the Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory

Gil Zussman | High Quality Video Streaming over Wireless | mmWave Wireless Channel Measurements in the COSMOS testbed

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Ali Hirsa | Climate risk and NLP | The VIX, its market microstructure and market manipulation | Deep Reinforcement learning and Trading | ML-based Credit Scoring Models | Network Modelling of Financial Systems and their Liquidity

Jay Sethuraman | Revenue Maximization in Platforms

Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Amir Sagiv | Insulation In Driven Crystals (filled) | Earth Mover's Distance and Kernel Statistics (filled)

Katayun Barmak | Grain Growth in Metallic Films: Analysis of Ex situ and In Situ Experimental Results (filled)

Simon J. L. Billinge | Spring 2020 Local atomic structure of nanomaterials from advanced x-ray neutron and electron diffraction data (filled)  | Summer 2020 Local atomic structure of nanomaterials from advanced x-ray neutron and electron diffraction data (filled)

Siu-Wai Chan | Stress in nano-scale (filled) | Heat Capacity of nano-crystals (filled) | Chan Research Group (filled)

Kyle Mandli | Accelerating the Calculation of Risk of Coastal Flooding due to Hurricanes (filled)


Biomedical Engineering

Elham Azizi | Deep Learning for Cell Segmentation in Multiplexed Tissue Imaging (filled)

Nadeen Chahine, PhD | Degeneration and Regeneration of the Intervertebral Disc (filled) | The role of cell contractility in looping morphogenesis of the small intestine (filled)

Clark Hung | Lab Research in the Hung Lab (filled)

Joshua Jacobs | Representation of directions in the human brain (filled)

Andrew Laine | Unsupervised Machine Learning to discover new COPD subtypes (filled)

Barclay Morrison | Neurotrauma and Repair Laboratory (filled)

Samuel Sia | Mobile App for Disease Tracking (filled) | Wearable Device For Health Monitoring (filled) | Drug release hydrogels to improve wound healing (filled) | Microfluidic device for improving cancer immunotherapy (filled)

Qi Wang | Simulation and characterization of neural stimulation (filled)


Chemical Engineering

Allie Obermeyer | Methods for the intracellular delivery of gene editing tools (filled) | Engineering synthetic organelles using protein phase separation (filled) | Development of bio-orthogonal synthetic organelles via engineered protein phase separation (filled)

Chris Boyce | Multiphase Granular Flows (filled) | Zippering Motion in Gas Jets in Liquid (filled)

Daniel Esposito | High speed video analysis of membraneless electrolyzers (filled) | Membrane Coated Electrocatalysts (filled) | In situ imaging of photocatalysts (filled) | 3D printed membraneless electrolyzers for CO2 conversion (filled) | Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (filled)

Lauren Marbella | Structure and dynamics in lead halide perovskites (filled)

V. Faye McNeill | Data Science to Close the Air Pollution Data Gap (filled)

Mijo Simunovic | Using stem cells to build quantitative platforms for studying human implantation and early pregnancy failure (filled)

Dan Steingart | Battery Design and Analysis (filled)

Alexander Urban | Predicting battery recycling processes (filled) | Machine-learning thermodynamics (filled)


Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Sharon Di | Waymo & Lyft Driverless Car Data Analysis and Driving Modeling (filled)

Marco Giometto | An Urban Tree Database for High-Fidelity Airflow Simulations (filled) | Development of a Feature-Extraction Tool for Turbulence in Hurricanes (filled)

Shiho Kawashima | Tailoring the rheology of 3-D printed concretes  (filled)

WaiChing Sun | Modeling thawing settlement of soil under changing climate (filled)

Huiming Yin | Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (filled)


Computer Science

Luis Gravano | Adaptive Information Extraction from Social Media for Actionable Inferences in Public Health (filled)

David Knowles | Predicting cell-type specific RNA splicing from gene sequence using deep learning (filled)

Prof. Brian A. Smith | Audio Navigation Systems for People Who Are Blind (filled)

Shuran Song | | Mult-Arms Motion Planning (filled) | Multi-agent collaborative learning (filled)

Carl Vondrick | Grounding Language in Vision and Interaction (filled) | Columbia Computer Vision Lab (filled)


Earth and Environmental Engineering

Robert J. Farrauto | Dual Function Materials (DFM) for CO2 mitigation (filled) | Catalytic dry reforming of green hous gases (filled) | Dual Functional Materials for CO2 capture and conversion (filled)

Bolun Xu | Data-driven analysis (filled) | Electric Bus Energy Analysis in New York City (filled)

Ngai Yin Yip | Resource Recovery of N and P Nutrients from Diverted Urine (filled)


Electrical Engineering

James Teherani | Hall-effect measurement (filled)

Ethan Katz-Bassett | The Internet under widespread shelter-in-place: Resilience, response, and lessons for the future (filled) | Understanding and optimizing Internet video delivery with self-driving networks (filled)

Mechanical Engineering

Michael Burke | Data analytics, automation, and multi-scale/multi-physics modeling (filled)

Matei Ciocarlie | Robotic Manipulation and Mobility Lab (filled)

Karen Kasza | Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis (filled) | Kasza Research Group (filled)

Kristin Myers | Undergraduate Researcher (filled)

Vijay Vedula | Computational modeling of heart valves in health and disease (filled)

Sinisa Vukelic | Femtosecond laser based modification of collagenous tissues (filled)




  • Undergraduate Researcher
  • Tropical cyclogenesis and extratropical transition
  • Visualizing Flooding Zones Using Augmented Reality
  • Targeted de-epithelialization as a novel therapeutic strategy for lung repair in ARDS.
  • Investigating the immunological mechanisms that cause heart failure in lupus patients using 3D cardiac tissues.
  • Brain Computer Interfaces developed for Virtual Reality
  • Multimodal Brain Computer Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
  • Reconfigurable network topology design using algorithmic relaxation
  • AIM Testing
  • Speech separation with deep neural networks
  • Crosslayer Design and Modeling of Silicon Photonic Interconnects
  • Microneedles for delivery of therapeutics into the cochlea
  • Production of CO2 negative concrete from seawater-derived raw materials
  • Technologies for contacting electric fish
  • Primary cilia regulation of intercellular cytoskeletal dynamics
  • Effects of network disruption within the hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons due to blast induced traumatic brain injury
  • Characterizing the mechanism of T cell exhaustion in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Concussion Analysis
  • Targeting protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity to mitigate electrophysiological deficits due to blast-induced traumatic brain injury
  • Engineering Bacterial Pattern Formation
  • Cement from Seawater
  • High speed video analysis of membraneless electrolyzers
  • Membrane Coated Electrocatalysts
  • Photoelectrochemical cells
  • T cell expansion
  • Selective Coacervation of Proteins in Complex Mixtures
  • Catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons for pollution abatement 
  • Chemical Biology Tools for Protein Structure by Solid State NMR
  • Controlled-Atmospheric Probing of 2D Materials
  • Design and Control of Batteries for Grid Applications
  • Encapsulation of CO2 capture materials
  • Financial Networks Analysis and Policy Implications
  • Investigating the Mechanobiology of Organ Formation in the Developing Embryo
  • Isothermal Membrane Distillation for Ammonia Recovery from Source-Separated Urine
  • Modeling of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Using CRISPR Interference
  • Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering
  • Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering for Women's Health Challenges
  • Polarized Noble Gas Imaging
  • Predictive Visual Understanding
  • Probing Neurons with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
  • Quantification of mechanical strain from time lapse experiments in the developing chick endoderm
  • Responsive delivery of therapeutic proteins
  • Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • Structure-Performance Relationships in Aqueous Na Ion Batteries
  • Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction for High-Salinity Desalination
  • In vitro microphysiological system for modeling Marfan Syndrome 
  • Tissue engineering of the synovium
  • Experimental and computational studies of combustion kinetics
  • Point-of-care molecular diagnostics
  • Development and Characterization of Battery Materials
  • Carbon dioxide capture and conversion to fuel
  • CO2 capture and catalytic conversion
  • Catalysis using Niobium oxide as a promoter
  • Neutron Diffraction study of nano-ceria for fast ionic conduction for better solid state fuel-battery
  • In vitro model of traumatic brain injury
  • Non-linear mechanical properties of brain
  • Developing an iPSCs model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy using CRISPRi 
  • Generating a stem cell model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy using CRISPRi
  • Hydrogen Battery
  • High speed video analysis of membraneless electrolyzers
  • Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Low-dimensional van der Waals Electrocatalysts
  • Membrane Coated Electrocatalys
  • Numerical Modeling of Air Pollution Episodes in New Delhi, India
  • Development of Therapeutic Protein Delivery Vehicles
  • Chemically enhanced weathering of silicate minerals and industrial wastes for carbon capture and storage
  • Development of Innovative CO2 Capture Materials and Their Fluidization Behaviors
  • Undergraduate Researcher
  • CRISPR/Cas9-mediated PARP1 disruption to sensitize BRCA1 mutated breast cancer cells in response to chemotherapy
  • Economic modeling of traffic accidents
  • Articular cartilage delamination wear and a novel treatment strategy to delay osteoarthritis progression
  • Niobouim oxide as a promoter for catalytic pollution abatement
  • Carbon dioxide capture and the conversion to fuel
  • Adhesive solutions for rotator cuff repair
  • High-speed 3D microscopy: applications and image analysis
  • Femtosecond Laser Corneal Treatment
  • 2D Material Synthesis
  • Electromechanical Actuators Using Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials
  • Experimental and Behavioral Economics Research
  • Building and replicating microscope systems
  • Modeling of blood flow changes from 3D data
  • Classification of Multiple Sclerosis disease state and biomarker identification from brain metabolite concentrations acquired from 1H-MRS at 7T
  • Sustainable Nutrient Recycling: Development of Decentralized Technologies for High-Yield Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery from Source-Separated Urine
  • Novel technologies for sustainable water production
  • Sustainable Nutrient Recycling: Development of Decentralized Technologies for High-Yield Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery from Source-Separated Urine
  • Verilog Design of Media Compression Modules
  • Shoulder Biomechanics - 2
  • MRI of Multiphase Granular Flows
  • Wireless control of implantable microdevices
  • Designing Nanoparticle Based Polymer Membranes
  • Detecting Hate Speech in online Media
  • Engineering matrix for guiding stem cell differentiation
  • Guiding Stem Cell Differentiation
  • Single molecule studies of biomolecular adsorption processes
  • Brain-state dependent population neural coding
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Research
  • Wireless implantable devices
  • Smartphone-assisted blood tests
  • Point-of-care blood tests
  • Shoulder Biomechanics
  • Robotics for Human Movement Augmentation and Training
  • Data-Driven Complex Travel Behavior Modeling Using Didi Chuxing Data
  • Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Tailoring the Rheological Behavior of 3-D Printing Concrete
  • Carbon dioxide capture and the conversion to fuel
  • Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Research Experience for Under…
  • Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Biomechanics of Force Generation during Tissue Morphogenesis - 3
  • Visual-tactile geometric reasoning
  • Digital circuit design for robot assembler
  • Resilient Structures: Fire Effects on Suspension Bridge Main Cables
  • Open Source Ultrasound
  • Investigating Nonlinear Wave Coupling
  • Measuring and Controlling Magnetized Plasma
  • Multi Scale Informatics code research
  • Engineering novel bacteria circuitry
  • Nano-oxide synthesis for Emerging Engineering Applications
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Research
  • Network VR
  • Mechanism of neurotransmitter release in the brain
  • Exploring the Electronic Properties of Two Dimensional Materials
  • Undergraduate Israel Fellowship
  • Interface circuits for piezoelectric devices
  • Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimiza…
  • Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimiza…
  • Robot Simulator in CUDA/C++
  • Membrane Coated Electrocatalysts
  • 3D Printed Membraneless Electrochemical Devices
  • Low-Dimensional Electrocatalysts Based on Van der Waals Materials
  • 3D Concrete Printing
  • Audio Separation Using Deep Neural Networks
  • Polymeric Thin-Film for Enhanced Permeability-Selectivity
  • Training to Walk on Stairs using Robotic Assistance
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene
  • Biomolecular Nanodevices
  • High Temperature Creep Deformation of Ceramic and Metal Nanowires
  • Design and Testing of Hydrogel Gel-Based Affinity Glucose Micro and Nanosensors
  • CVD Graphene Growth
  • Analysis and Visualization of Single-Cell Gene Expression Data in Skin Differentiation
  • Interfacing Hybrid Computer with Digital Computer
  • Mechanisms of Force Generation During Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Investigating Nonlinear Wave Coupling
  • Bone Mechanobiology
  • Online Optimization for Management Science Applications
  • urOvol: Medical Device for Fluid Monitoring
  • Full-Duplex Wireless
  • Integrated Nanophotonic Circuits for Optical Modulators and Switches
  • Silicon Photonic SDN Controller
  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Finite Element Models of Pregnancy
  • Senior Lab Assistant - Carleton Laboratory
  • Lab Assistant - Carleton Laboratory
  • Upper Body Support for Wheelchair Users
  • Measuring and Controlling Magnetized Plasma
  • Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  • Impurity Tolerant Membranes
  • Low-Temperature Heat Utilization with Membrane-Based Technology
  • Modeling Molecular Packing in Drug Formulation Excipients
  • Impact of Radiofrequency Ablation Geometry on Electrical Conduction
  • Optical Spectroscopy of Solids
  • Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Low Resource Languages
  • Personalized Anti-cancer Medicine Targeting via Machine Learning
  • Networking Research
  • (BNL) A Multi-Axes Motion Controller System for Multi-Stage Spherical Backscatter Detector
  • (BNL) A Motion Control Test and Integration System Using EtherCAT Based Drives and Power PMAC
  • (BNL) Deterministic Ethernet Accelerator Type Timing Systems on a Standalone FPGA
  • (BNL) Protoyping and Measurement of User Interface and Display Manager Conversion Tools
  • (BNL) Plotting and Visualization Using Matplotlib
  • (BNL) Testing Infrastructure and SQA/Devops
  • (BNL) Data Metrics and Mining
  • (BNL) Develop an EPICS Aware Vibration and Alarming Monitoring Station
  • Community Impact’s George Van Amson Fellowship
  • Spatial Patterning of Bacterial Colonies
  • Hybrid Computing ELEN
  • Hybrid Computing APAM