Online Optimization for Management Science Applications

We are sorry, this position has been filled.

The landscape of businesses is quickly evolving with the growth of information technology. Consumers are increasingly expecting more convenient access, faster speed, higher quality, more customization and more choices. Businesses are responding with innovative services, formats, and greater personalization. As a result of these adaptations, consumer transactions are becoming more information-intensive than at any time in the past. The objective of this post-doctoral position is to investigate adaptive algorithms that can deliver efficient and high-quality results in large-scale applications. The online framework will be used for the design and analysis of these algorithms.

Lab: Van Anh Truong, Mudd 338

Direct Supervisor: Van Anh Truong

Position Dates: 5/15/2017 - 8/15/2017

Hours per Week: 30

Paid Position: No

Credit: Yes

Positions Available : 3

Qualifications: Probability and statistics, linear programming, basic analysis of algorithms, coding.

Eligibility: Senior, Master's; SEAS only

Professor Van Anh Truong, [email protected], Mudd 338