Measuring and Controlling Magnetized Plasma

We are sorry, this position has been filled.

Students are needed to assist with the preparing, planning, and fabrication of sophisticated research tools used to control and measure ionized gas, called "plasma", that is heated to more than 10 million degrees and confined by a strong magnetic force field. Skills include electronics, vacuum science, engineering, data processing, and project planning. All students with science and engineering backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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Lab: Plasma Physics Lab, Room 102 Mudd

Direct Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Levesque

Position Dates: 3/1/2017 - 8/30/2017

Hours per Week: 35

Paid Position: Yes

Credit: Yes

Positions Available: 2

Qualifications: N/A

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior; SEAS only

Professor Mike Mauel, [email protected], Room 213 Mudd