Electric Bus Energy Analysis in New York City

New York City Transit plans to transform its 4,000 buses to fully electric by 2040, while currently operating 6 electric buses as a pilot program. This project will take a preliminary step to estimate the electric energy consumption of a full electric bus fleet, and identify the charging station need, location, and technology.


  • Download bus schedule and route data from MTA website.
  • Create bus drive train model based on public data sheet.
  • Calculate energy consumption for each bus per route.
  • Develop an adaptive charging simulation platform.
  • Simulate various charging designs.
  • Record energy consumption at each charging location.

Direct Supervisor: Bolun Xu

Position Dates: 6/1/2020 - 8/31/2020

Hours per Week: 35

Number of positions: 1


  • Good programming background: data structure and algorithms.
  • Experience with Matlab, Python, or Julia.
  • Experience with energy or power system analysis is a plus.
  • Experience with battery simulation is a plus.

Eligibility: (SEAS only)