COSMOS Smart Intersections, Cloud-Connected Vehicles - Applications of Deep Learning

Location of Research: Remote

Research on: (i) COSMOS cloud connected vehicles, (ii) Monitoring of traffic intersections, using bird’s eye cameras, supported by ultra-low latency computational/communications hubs; (iii) Simultaneous video-based tracking of cars and pedestrians, and prediction of movement based on long-term observations of the intersection; (iv) Real-time computational processing, using deep learning, utilizing GPUs, in support of COSMOS applications; (v) Sub-10ms latency communication between all vehicles and the edge cloud computational/communication hub, to be used in support of autonomous vehicle navigation. The research is performed using the pilot node of the project COSMOS infrastructure

COSMOS applications - short description: smart cities, smart intersections, cloud connected vehicles, applications of artificial intelligence, real time edge computing,

Name of Lab: ZKLAB

Dates: 5/15/2021 - 8/13/2021

Direct Supervisor: Zoran Kostic

Paid: Yes

Credit: Yes

Hours per week: 20

Number of positions: 3


Qualifications/skill-set: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Signal Processing, Video Processing, Data Analysis, Software Development, Cloud Computing, GPUs.

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master's (SEAS only)

Zoran Kostic, [email protected]