Lab Assistant - Carleton Laboratory

We are sorry, this position has been filled.

Summer research and testing internship at the Carleton Laboratory. The laboratory focuses on research and testing on construction materials, structures, and investigation of aging infrastructure. Current active projects include:

  • Full parametric study of novel building materials, including the testing of new building materials’ resistance to environmental factors such as temperature, chemical corrosion, fatigue, and solar radiation.

  • Investigation of suspension bridge cable health by mechanical testing, fatigue testing, fractographic analysis, and chemical analysis. This study is state-of- the-art, using modern testing techniques to evaluate the condition and safety of real suspension bridges.

  • Testing and certification of new construction materials destined for large-scale building projects in the New York metropolitan area as well as abroad.

Job Description: Lab Assistant (Class III)

  • Assist in large-scale strength of materials testing

  • Perform small-scale strength of materials testing

  • Organize, label, inventory lab property

  • Wash, scrub, sweep, dust, paint, sand, buff, polish, oil, etc.

  • Assist in administrative tasks, run errands

  • Perform heavy lifting, assist in rigging, heavy testing

  • Assist in machining of parts on drill, mill, lathe, saws, etc.

  • Commission and decommission equipment

Lab: Carleton Laboratory

Direct Supervisor: Adrian Brügger

Position Dates: Summer session (8-12 weeks)

Hours per Week: 35

Paid Position: Yes ($15/hr)

Number of Positions: 4



  • Must display aptitude for practical tasks
  • Must show personal initiative and ability to tackle problems independently
  • Must be detail-oriented and precise in work
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, LabView
  • Previous experience in laboratory, machining, mechanical work is preferred but not required

Eligibility: Registered undergraduate, full time SEAS student; international students welcome to apply

Adrian Brügger, [email protected], 636 SW Mudd