Visualizing Flooding Zones Using Augmented Reality

We are sorry, this position has been filled.

The goal of this project would be to construct a platform for viewing either through a mobile or other AR device previous and predicted flood extents on the surrounding environment as well as suggested adaptation strategies. This would help both stakeholders and communities to easily visualize both the risk or flooding and the impact a particular protection might have. This would also tie into the existing GIS data available through the project incorporating ESRI's AuGEO platform. Ideally this project would also be made widely available increasing the impact of such an effort. The resulting software would also be made freely available on GitHub with an API for adding other sources of data.

Lab: Mandli Lab, Kyle Mandli

Position Dates: 6/1/2019 - 8/31/2019

Paid Position: Yes

Credit Available: No

Qualifications: Programming experience is required, ideally in Python or a similar language. Highly recommended is knowledge of augmented reality frameworks such as ARCore or ARKit.

Eligibility: Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master's (SEAS only)

Kyle T. Mandli, [email protected]