Neural mechanisms underlying perceptual decision making

Location of research: On Site

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The project aims to understand how decisions related to sensory information are formed in the brain and how they are modulated by different neuromodulatory systems. We are using neural recordings in concert with patterned neural stimulation in rodents performing sensory discrimination tasks to tackle this question. The student is expected to perform rodent behavioral training, neural recordings, and immunohistological analysis of brain samples. Experience working with rodents is required. Strong quantitative skills and interpersonal communication skill are preferred. Our lab has multiple electrophysiological/calcium imaging systems as well as real-time systems to control behavioral apparatus. For details about our research, please visit

Lab: Lab for Neural Engineering and Control, ET 372

Direct Supervisor: Prof. Qi Wang

Position Dates: 6/1/2021 - 8/31/2021

Number of Positions: 1

Paid: Yes

Credit: No

Qualifications: Rodent behavioral training

Eligibility: Master's (SEAS only)


Prof. Qi Wang, [email protected]