Summer Programs

The Dean’s Office invites students who are spending the summer doing research in labs on campus to participate in our Summer@SEAS program. Summer@SEAS is a summer enrichment program comprised of weekly seminars and presentations on a variety of topics including faculty research, scientific writing, presentation skills, occupational health and safety, as well as panels on graduate school and industry. Seminars take place during the work day and faculty encourage their students to participate in these programs.  Students are also encouraged to prepare posters for the annual Engineering and Science Research Symposium that takes place each fall.

Every year, the Dean’s Office supports summer research opportunities with matching funds for principal investigators. Students interested in working with particular faculty should review the opportunities in the Research Projects and send their inquiries directly to the faculty. Depending on your particular interests, previous experience may not be necessary. Students are expected to work full-time for the duration of the program, so participation in this program is not compatible with attending summer school, working at another job, or any other serious time commitment.  Stipends for Summer@SEAS positions are restricted to Columbia Engineering students only.

Columbia Engineering offers summer research experience for undergraduate students in all years who are interested in gaining some hands-on practical experience in the art of research. You may apply to the Summer@SEAS REUs if you are currently a junior, sophomore or first year student, and a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or permanent resident of the United States. Depending on your particular interests, pervious experience may not be necessary.

All summer research programs run for approximately 10 weeks, but will vary with the particular experience. Students should expect to begin around May 26th and to continue through July 31st. In some instances special arrangements may be made with and by faculty to extend the duration of the summer experience. For the duration of the program, students work fulltime (40 hours a week) on projects under the direction of faculty and/or graduate students.

Check out our archive of Past Programs to see the variety of faculty presentations, seminars, lab visits and cultural outings available to summer researchers participating in the Summer@SEAS program.