Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply?

Columbia students must apply directly to principal investigator listed on research opportunity, with cover email and resume, unless otherwise indicated by the posting.

Amazon SURE: Currently, this program is for students outside Columbia only. For more information please visit the Amazon SURE website.

Non-Columbia Students, to learn about opportunities available, we recommend reading faculty web pages, CVs, abstracts, lab group pages, etc. Once you determine a specific research area or project you can make an initial introduction to a faculty member via email. You can begin your search for a faculty member's profile by clicking here.

Opportunities for research are at the faculty member's discretion.


How do I apply for a research position?

Email faculty directly.

How often are research positions posted online?

Research positions are posted as received by faculty. Please visit the website for updates.

Am I eligible to apply for research as a freshman?

Yes, review the eligibility requirements listed in the position to see what level of study is desired.

What does conducting research entail?

Please visit our student stories page and webinar to hear from students about their role in student research.

Do I have to do research in my department?

No, a lot of research is interdisciplinary and your skills can be applied to research in other departments. Find a project you are passionate about and have the skills for.

Do I have to apply for funding?

No, faculty will apply for funding as needed. Additional funding sources may be available through Undergraduate Research and Fellowships and students can explore these options at

Are there research opportunities for masters students?

Yes, please check the eligibility criteria for research positions listed under research opportunities.

What other ways can I be involved in research over the summer?

SEAS Undergraduate Student Affairs will provide weekly programming through the Summer@SEAS initiative.  This programming will consist of workshops led by our faculty to teach best practices for new student researchers as well as social programming throughout NYC.


I submitted a student research opportunity using the online form and identified a student. Will the student be required to apply for the research opportunity?

No, please only email [email protected] if the student decides to not join the research lab.

What are the eligibility rules for matching funds for Summer@SEAS?

1) The student must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or MS student at SEAS and not graduating (CC students are not eligible) 

2) The Dean's office will provide $2500/student, with the PI being required to match at least that amount

What are the eligibility rules for Bonomi Scholars?

1) The student must be a currently enrolled undergraduate SEAS student and not graduating (CC students are not eligible).

2) The Dean’s Office will provide $5000/student with no matching required.

My UG/MS student will graduate in May 2022, are they eligible for funding?

No, students must be continuing their studies over the summer to be eligible for Summer@SEAS funding.