Synthesis and Characterization of Encapsulated Electrocatalyst Materials

This project will focus on the development and planar and high surface area electrodes for electrochemical energy conversion applications for production of renewable fuels from electricity. High surface area particulate and porous electrodes materials are of interest for enabling high catalyst area for reduced kinetic overpotential losses. This project will be primarily experimental in nature, focusing on modifying synthesis approaches for depositing active catalysts and encapsulating them with ultrathin permeable overlayers that can be used to enhance catalyst durability, increase activity, and improve selectivity by blocking undesirable back reactions. Research will also involve the use of advanced materials characterization tools, and analysis of the performance of the fabricated electrodes using a variety of electroanalytical tools. The project requires a student with previous coursework in solar and electrochemical technologies.

Name of Lab: Solar Fuels Engineering Lab

Direct Supervisor: Daniel Esposito

Hours per week: 40 hr/week

Position type: On Site

Qualifications: Chemical engineering / solar fuels / electrochemistry

Eligibility: Master's

SEAS students only: Yes

Daniel Esposito, [email protected]