Non-Linear Microscopy Development for High-Speed Brain Imaging

Seeking a student with expertise in optics and / or ultrafast lasers to assist with development, optimization and testing of new high-speed microscopy technologies to capture information from the awake behaving brain. Must have strong experimental skills, respect for laser safety, careful record keeping and ability to work in a team. Training will be available for students with less direct experience but a strong interest in brain microscopy.

Position Dates: Summer 2022

Lab: Laboratory for Functional Optical Imaging

Direct Supervisor: Elizabeth Hillman

Hours per week: 35 hr/week

Position is paid and available for credit

Position type: On site

Qualifications: Optics, lasers, imaging, microscopy

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master's

SEAS students only

Elizabeth Hillman, [email protected]