Nanofabrication and In Situ Cryo Electron Tomography (cryoET) of the Host-Pathogen Interface in Intraerythrocytic Malaria Parasites

The Ho Laboratory is seeking a talented and enthusiastic Undergraduate Research Assistant to join our team. We use in situ cryo electron tomography (cryoET) to explore how membrane protein complexes mediate host-pathogen interactions in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. The project will be focused on using cryo focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (cryoFIB/SEM) and cryoET to directly visualize the host-pathogen interface in parasite-infected human red blood cells. Learn more about our research and our team here: 

We are looking for an innovative, resourceful and adventurous scientist who enjoys learning new things to help us with culturing, freezing, and milling malaria parasites in an Aquilos dual-beam cryoFIB/SEM, as well as collecting cryoET tilt series on the Titan Krios. 

Lab: Ho Lab

Direct Supervisor: Chi-Min Ho

Position Dates: Summer 2022

Hours per Week: 40

Position Type: On site

Qualifications: Previous experience in one of more of the following areas is welcome but not required: cell culture, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), nanofabrication using a FIB-SEM or cryoFIB-SEM, and/or transmission electron tomography.

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master's

SEAS only: No

Chi-Min Ho, [email protected]