A Fluid-Solid-Growth Modeling Framework for Cardiovascular Biomechanics

Toward developing a fluid-solid-growth modeling framework for arterial biomechanics applications, we are interested in creating a Python wrapper for our in-house finite element method-based flow solver. The student will work with the PI and a postdoc in the lab. The student will learn the workflow for simulating blood flow in patient-specific arterial geometries including image segmentation, building a computational model, extracting personalized boundary conditions, and running flow simulations. The student will be exposed to finite element methods and interface with large open-sourced codes.

Name of Lab: Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Lab

Direct Supervisor: Vijay Vedula

Hours per week: 40 hr/week

Position type: Hybrid (both remote and on site)

Qualifications: Python, high level programming language (Fortran/C), knowledge of numerical methods is preferred but not required

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior 

SEAS students only: yes

Vijay Vedula, [email protected]