Experimental and Behavioral Economics Research

We are sorry, this position has been filled.

Research opportunity in the Economics Department

Description: Looking for a research assistance for a short term project in experimental/behavioral economics. The aim of the project is to aid our understanding of how people allocate resources under risk and over time - decisions which are common in our every day lives. Initially the RA will be responsible for programming up the experiment. This would be easy to do using something like Qualtrics or Z-tree, but it could be done in another platform as long as it works. It is anticipated that this would take a couple of weeks of fairly intensive work, ideally starting immediately. After that, if the candidate were interested they could continue to be part of the project and help run the experiment, submit IRB documentation etc.Preferred Qualifications: Electrical engineering student

Hourly rate: $15/hour

Duration: Starting immediately for a minimum of 2 weeks

Contact: Assistant Professor Mark Dean, [email protected]