Electron Beams for Cryogenic Pellet Ablation Studies

Pellets of frozen hydrogen and nobel gasses play an essential role in the fueling and rapid shutdown of fusion plasmas. Pellets are injected at high velocity, and are rapidly turned to gas (ablated) by the high temperature plasma. An on-campus facility is being designed to produce and accelerate these pellets. A component of this facility will be a high energy electron beam that ablates material from the pellet, mimicking a plasma, but with much more controllable properties. This project will conduct computational analysis to understand the requirements needed for an electron beam to drive measurable ablation, and specify fast camera requirements needed to produce accurate measurements. The project will also involve design work to identify the best arrangement of vacuum and cryogenic components that will enable this experimental program. As a side-activity, an exploration of how the facility can transfer pellets to a mobile platform for x-ray scattering studies will be explored. Experience in computer programming (python, matlab) and CAD packages is important.

Position Dates: Summer 2022

Lab: Plasma Physics Lab

Direct Supervisor: Carlos Paz-Soldan

Hours per week: 40 hr/week

Number of positions: 1

Position is paid

Position type: On site

Qualifications: Python or matlab, some CAD

Eligibility: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior

SEAS students only: Yes

Carlos Paz-Soldan, [email protected]