Dual Functional Materials (DFM) for CO2 mitigation

We are sorry, this position has been filled.

We continue to advance our existing (DFM) technology for capturing CO2 from air and power plant effluents and catalytically converting it to useful products. The research this summer will focus on establishing the optimum process conditions for CO2 capture, desorption and/or methanation producing renewable natural gas. The summer student will conduct laboratory experiments using thermal analysis and fixed bed reactor adsorption, desorption and methanation reactions.

Lab: Catalysis for a Sustainable Environment

Direct Supervisor: Chae Jeong Potter

Position Dates: 6/1/2020 - 8/28/2020

Hours per Week: 35

Paid Position: Yes

Credit: Yes

Number of positions: 2

Qualifications: laboratory safety, basic general chemistry, skills in operating instruments

Eligibility: Master's; SEAS only

Robert J. Farrauto : [email protected], 926C Mudd