Clinical Image Processing

This role is part of a project investigating the application of Focused Ultrasound-mediated Blood-Brain Barrier Opening in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. The aim of the group’s work is to assess the safety of targeted Blood-Brain Barrier Opening in clinical trials and to determine the efficacy of this method as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. The treatment safety and disease progression are monitored with multimodal imaging and a rigid image processing protocol is therefore necessary. The student will be involved in the processing of clinical images including MRI, CT and PET scans of patients enrolled in clinical trials and will be working closely with the Blood-Brain Barrier group and the Clinical Trial group. The role involves image registration, analysis of Regions of Interest, calculation of clinically relevant parameters and data extraction for evaluation of Blood-Brain Barrier Opening as well as presentation of findings in group meetings. The results of this work will be implemented in the data processing pipeline of the clinical trial for Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Knowledge of MATLAB, linear algebra and image processing is required.

Name of Lab: Ultrasound and Elasticity Imaging Laboratory

Direct Supervisor: Omid Youssefian

Hours per week: 40 hr/week

Position type: On site

Qualifications: ultrasound, image processing, blood-brain barrier physiology

Eligibility: Master's

SEAS students only: Yes

Omid Youssefian, [email protected]